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GLOW LIFE Interactive Aquarium - 5.5 Gallons

Fishkeeping is fun. The bright fluorescent silicone and glow in the dark pens make this an interactive, hands-on aquarium.

Ideal starter home for fish. The high specification equipment means a heathy and happy aquarium environment.

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The best bits...

Sets up in minutes

Blue LED lighting makes fluorescent d├ęcor, GLOW silicone and fish glow

Interactive aquarium for all to enjoy

Key features

• Ideal starter home for fish
• Bright fluorescent silicone
• Draw on aquarium

Product overview

We really want kids and families to enjoy the benefit of having an aquarium in their life so have created a home that will keep the family entertained.
The GLOW LIFE aquarium is a unique fluorescing aquarium which can be creatively drawn on for interaction and ongoing engagement.
It is an ideal starter home for fish and with its high specification equipment, we can guarantee high levels of success. The kit comes complete with 5 stage filter, Blue LED, Watercare Tapsafe, 5 lbs of GLOW gravel, 2 GLOW plants, background & a draw on fluorescent pens.

GLOW LIFE, the fun never stops!