LIFE Edge Glow - 4 Gallons

Turn the smallest and darkest spot into a colorful spectacle with an Edge Glow Aquarium.

Stylish aquarium keeping made simple.

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The best bits...

Edge Glow effect

Easy maintenance

Built in flash care reminder

Key features

• Stylish glow effect for a beautiful aquarium
• Adjustable flow filter for crystal clear water
• Waterfall planter for a stunning appearance and improved water chemistry
• LED lighting for lush healthy plants
• Helpful Aqua flash reminder system helps you stay on top of maintenance

Product overview

Let this little gem light up any room with style and features that get even better in the dark.
Perfect for the knowledgeable fish keeper who wants to make a statement, this aquarium has in-built color changing illumination for a stunning visual effect.

The Edge Glow effect and bright white top lighting work together, giving your tank a unique appearance for a real impact in your room. Add some lush greenery to the top planting chamber to amplify the visual effect even more and to reduce the level of nitrates in the water.

The low maintenance cartridge filter keeps water crystal clear and healthy for your fish. The replaceable cartridges include fine floss to trap fine waste, activated carbon to remove dissolved dyes and organics, and ceramic media to provide home for beneficial bacteria.

This aquarium can be set up in minutes - simple, effective and stylish, what more could you ask for?