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LIFE LED Aquarium - 5.5 Gallons

Aquarium keeping made beautifully simple.

Uninterupted viewing of your effortlessly clean and healthy slice of aquatic life.

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The best bits...

All round, panoramic viewing

Easily care for your fish and carry out regular maintenance thanks to the simple-to-use hinged lid

Enhance your aquariums appearance and encourage healthy plant growth with the ultra bright LED lighting

Key features

• Perfect for coldwater or tropical fishkeeping
• The Easy Clean Filter keeps water healthy and clean with its 4 stage filtration process.
• Scratch resistent curved glass for an unobscured panoramic view of your beautiful aquarium
• High performace LEDs enhance the appearance of your fish and encourage healthy plant growth

Product overview

Whether you are embarking on your fishkeeping journey or you want something smaller but stylish, make a statement about your love of fish with the stunning LIFE LED aquarium.
Bringing even the smallest space to life, this curved acrylic aquarium lets you enjoy the sight of your underwater paradise, while your fish enjoy their perfected appointed aquarium.
The clever integrated LIFE FLOW filtration system keeps your water silently clear and healthy, while the bright LIFE LIGHT LED lighting shows off the beauty of your fish and helps plants to thrive. It also adds a pretty ripple effect to the water to make your aquarium look even more stunning.
The aquarium kit also includes the Tapsafe water treatment, making faucet water instantly safe for your fish and improving the balance of beneficial bacteria in your aquarium.