LIFE FLOW Internal Power Filter - 3-10 Gallons

Want a healthy clean aquarium without all the fuss and noise? Our super effective, easy to use filter is whisper-quiet.

Keep your aquarium clean, healthy and algae free with this easy use and quiet filter

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The best bits...

Crytal clear healthy water

Mess free cleaning

Quick and simple replacement

Key features

• Ultimate 5 stage filtration for clean, healthy water
• Whisper-quiet
• Easy use & easy clean

Product overview

If you want crystal clear water and a healthy aquarium that your fish will love, then a LIFE FLOW filter is the perfect choice for you. Our range of Internal Power Filters were designed to make life easier for both you and your fish making sure your aquarium stays beautifully clear all year round.

The LIFE FLOW range has a unique hanging cradle making them easy to use in your new tank or the one you've already got set up home.

Forget the hassle of getting your hands covered in fish dirt, our LIFE FLOW filter has its own handy cartridges that can be easily replaced every month. The filter is also protected by a clear hinged lid to make cleaning even simpler.

Our filters are packed out with loads of essential media: ceramic tubes to host good bacteria; a double sided mechanical floss cartridge to seive out waste and activated carbon to purify water.

Replacement cartridges come in handy packs of 1 or 3 so you're always ready to go.