LIFE THERMAL Flat Heater - 4 Gallons - 15 Watt

"The heat is on!" - Hidden central heating for small aquariums

As well as being easy to hide, this heater is tough, compact and versatile - perfect for small aquariums.

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The best bits...

Compact design doesn't take over your aquarium

Place this flexible heater almost anywhere in your tank

Constant heat output makes this ideal for cooler environments

Key features

• Easy to use
• Safe and durable for peace of mind
• Easy to hide
• 3 Year warranty
• FREE thermometer included

Product overview

Keeping tropical fish could not be easier with the LIFE THERMAL Flat Aquarium Heater. It is designed to generate a constant heat output which increases the water temperature by 9 degrees Fahrenheit above ambient room temperature. This compact heater can be used to keep tropical life and plants in any aquarium up to 4 gallons. It's the perfect choice for new fish keepers. The LIFE THERMAL Flat Heater is also really easy to fit and can be fit pretty much anywhere in the tank: under gravel, in your filtration or on the side of the glass, its completely up to you. The flat discreet design also means that it won't distract from the look of the tank, no matter where you put it!