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LIFE LIGHT Blue & White LED - 10-20 Gallon

Make your aquarium shine day and night with this submersible LED light.

Brings out the best in the colors of your aquarium and encourages healthy plant growth. Blue light setting lets you enjoy your aquarium at night without encouraging algae.

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The best bits...

Makes plants and fish GLOW

Safe, reliable and fully submersible

Creates a stunning ripple effect

Key features

• Makes flourescent d├ęcor and fish glow
• Day and night setting
• Fits any aquarium
• Brackets included

Product overview

The LIFE LIGHT Blue & White LED is a spot light source, which creates a beautiful ripple effect in the aquarium. It is waterproof, fully submersible, reliable and low voltage. The ultra-bright LEDs provide a balanced spectrum, bringing out the best in the colors of your aquarium and encouraging healthy plant growth. Either fit to the aquarium hood with adhesive pads, glue or screws, or underwater using suckers.