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LIFE LIGHT Tropical Daylight 15 Watt 18''

The perfect fluorescent tube to make your aquarium thrive with light.

Perfect light levels for enhancing fish colors and promoting healthy plant growth.

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The best bits...

Fits into all traditional T8 fluorescent aquarium lighting fittings

Simulates tropical daylight helping to promote healthy plant growth and enhances fish colors

Ideal for freshwater tropical planted aquariums

Key features

• Simulates tropical daylight
• Promotes healthy plant growth
• Enhances fish colors
• Replace annually for the best light quality in your aquarium

Product overview

The T8 fluorescent lamp gives unparalleled performance, great value and is the perfect lamp to suit your aquatic needs. Formulated specifically to enhance fish colors whilst still ensuring algae is kept to a minimum by reducing the section of the light spectrum that encourages algae growth. Versatile as it is suitable for both Coldwater and Tropical aquariums with plants requiring low light and aquariums with artificial d├ęcor.
Replace the T8 lamp every 12 months to ensure the best possible performance for your aquarium.