LIFE CARE Filter Booster 4oz

Add vital beneficial bacteria to your aquarium for better filtration and lower fish mortality.

Introduce new fish in confidence with no worry about new aquarium syndrome.

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Key features

• Boosts filtration
• Prevents fish loss
• Quick safe introduction of fish

Product overview

Fish live in their own toilet and the waste they create will turn toxic if left as it is. The good bacteria growing in your aquarium filter will turn all of this waste into healthy nutrients but it takes time for this bacteria to grow. Until there is enough bacteria, your fish could become ill from poor water quality.

LIFE CARE Filter Booster contains good bacteria to give your filter a kick start and make sure your tank is healthy from the word go.

Use Filter Booster to kick start the filter in a new aquarium and whenever the aquarium or filters are cleaned to re-establish bacteria levels.