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Keeping water, not fish

Unlike other pets that us humans look after, keeping fish is different as they live in water, which is totally alien to us land lovers. Look after the water and the fish will take care of themselves, so good water quality is essential. Generally, people think that clear, clean water is good water, but they are wrong. Most of the poisons that hurt, and create sickness in fish are invisible and can only be discovered by testing the water.

In the wild, water would be cleaned, replaced and replenished through natural cycles such as rain or flowing water, but an aquarium is a closed environment. This means that all the fish waste stays around them, and can ultimately build up and cause sickness and disease. The aquarium filter acts as a sewerage treatment works, taking the waste material, which is poisonous to fish, and turning it into harmless substances.

Other substances that are not dealt with by the filter are controlled through regular water changes. The toxins are then diluted by removing waste-filled water and replacing it with fresh water.

Here are a few top tips for keeping perfect water:

Filter maintenance
Control your feeding
Keep fish levels sensible
Healthy plants
Water changes