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LED LIFE Aquarium Support


  • Locating & starting your aquarium

    You've bought your aquarium and taken it out of it's box - now what?! Follow our easy step-by-step guide to starting your aquatic journey...

  • Doing an easy water change

    Water changes are a key part of your aquarium care and will help maintain good water quality for the health of all your aquatic life.

  • Day to day care

    As well as enjoying looking at your aquarium, there are some simple things you can do each day to keep on top of maintenance and ensure that the LIFE in your aquarium remains healthy and beautiful.

  • How to prevent fish illness & stress

    Stress is one of the main causes of disease in your aquarium. Just like humans, fish get stressed by their surroundings, and this can make them run and down and more likely to get sick. It’s important to understand the cause of stress for the best chances of preventing or solving it.