Where to position your aquarium heater

If you are keeping tropical freshwater fish in your aquarium you will need to heat the water to suit the preferences of the fish you are keeping. Watch the short video below on how to install the Interpet LIFE THERMAL Submersible Aquarium Heater.

Top tips for installing your Submersible Heater:

  • Position the heater at an angle for even heat distribution 


  • Never turn the heater on out of the water, or unless correctly submerged.


  • To prevent any drips entering the electric sockets, create a drip loop for the heater and low voltage cable as per the diagram.





Positioning your LIFE THERMAL Flat Heater:

The LIFE THERM flat heater offers flexible fitting options:

  1. Fitted to the side of the aquarium using the suction cups. 
  2. Bury in the substrate or gravel, this is a more permanent option as you would need to disturb the gravel to access the heater. Ensure the heater is not in direct contact with the aquarium base as this could cause damage.
  3. Hidden in the filter area of many small-type aquariums with an open filter. Use suction cups to hold it in place.