Doing an easy water change

Water changes are a key part of your aquarium care and will help maintain good water quality for the health of all your aquatic life.

Once a month you should carry out a 25% water change (drain off a quarter of the aquariums water volume), clean your filter and do a general clean-up of the fish tank.

There may be other times that you also need to do a water change such as; starting your new aquarium (we recommend you do more frequent, smaller water changes for the first 8 weeks), after testing the water quality (see test kit instructions manual for recommendations) or if you need to treat the water with fish medication.

Essentially, a water change is removing a percentage of the aquarium water and replacing it with fresh water (treated with Tapsafe). Doing this removes waste and dirt, dilutes any build-up of toxic elements and increases oxygen levels in the water – all great for aquarium life.

The video below runs you through the process of a water change to make sure you get the job done efficiently: 

Other cleaning jobs while doing a water change: