What is your filter for?

An aquarium filter has several jobs to do, however the primary function is to keep your aquarium clean, clear and healthy for your fish.

As the aquarium is a closed system any dirt and waste remain in the aquarium, and without our intervention it will quickly become a poisonous sewer.

This is where your filter proves itself one of the most essential piece of equipment in your fish tank.

It acts like a mini sewerage treatment works, cleaning up the aquarium water through several methods:

So, take good care of your filter as it is the life support of your aquarium.

Our top tips for good filter care:

  • The biological system in the filter can take up to 8 weeks to establish in a new aquarium. Adding a filter starter product can help improve this process. Learning to understand the Nitrogen cycle will help you mature your filter.
  • Check the filter is working every day and clear any dirt or blockages.
  • Keep your aquarium topped up to the maximum water level if there is evaporation.
  • Every month follow the recommended cleaning and maintaining routines – See Weekly and monthly care
  • Add a filter booster product when starting your aquarium and also when adding new fish.
  • Never clean the biological media in tap water. If it needs a clean, swill the media cartridge in a bucket of aquarium water (when doing a water change).
  • Regularly test your aquarium water as most problems are due to invisible toxins that build up and can not only damage the fish, but also cause filtration problems.

For more information, check out our video: